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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love doesn't hurt

So i met this girl inthe summer and just sorta put her under my wings and she's become like a little sister to me. she's the sweetest happiest person. but as i got to know her more i found that she was very reserved and apologiozes for everything, which i often told her to stop. She had a boyfriend who she's been with for about four years and she's ony 18 years old and that was her first and only boyfriend so you can imagine her attachment to him. I just assumed she was very shy but she dances sing and is a lover of the arts so she can't be that shy i thought. About a month went by and the fall semester begins. We became even closer with each other i am still two years older than her so I still feel like i have to look out for her. i notice that she is constantly talking about her boyfriend, she talks to him constantly on the phone like any other relationship but she always sneaks away when she speaks to him on the phone. she would bring him up at random times like for example we were both in my room doing homework and it was silent then she would just come out of nowhere and talks about the bad things he does. but to me it sounds like normal relationship problems. Then i woild go through her phone and find the most disrespectful text that just doesn't sound like something someone would say to someone they love. he called her a "bitch" "slut" he was extremely posessive and never wants her to go anywhere.

She is a very pretty girl and have no problem getting a guy and the guy she was with was not that goodlooking. finally one day me and her made plans to go to a party.one night. she told me she was going to work with him because she has to buy an outfit to wear. she was suppose to be back at 9 o clock that night. when it became after 9 i got worried and had a strange feeling so i called her. no one picked up the phone so i called again. "get the fuck outta my car, get the fuck out" I heard on the other end of the phone was a male voice, the phone got disconnected. ironically i was watching "Mother may i sleep with danger" thats a movie about domestic violence. So you can imagine how paranoid i was. i called back about five times with no response.

about 15 minutes later i recieved a call from her, i was in my room with two other friends. she was crying and asked us to meet her outside because she calle the police. we went outside to her crying and couldn't even speak. Her boyfriend tried to push he out of a moving car. there was no prior physical abuse but the emotional abuse was clear as day. she called the police and now they are not to have any contact with each other or they will get arrested. which i think is perfect. she has alot of work to do on rebuilding herself but he's gone.

Sopay attention to the people around you because it wasn't clear to me what was going on and things could have ended alot worst. and speak up if you see someone going through this it's better to be safe than sorry.

no those are not real bruises..photoshop.. i couldn't find a good pic.

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