I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it. I'm on my journey to finding myself self in a world where it's very easy to get lost.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Congrats To Kaliymah

Soo My BFF is going natural....I'm excited:)

Monday, December 28, 2009


First of all I would like to say that Nicki Minaj is a grown woman and she can do and rap about anything she wants. Other grown women calling themselves “Barbie” or putting “Minaj” at the end of their names is kind of sad, but again they’re grown so I just choose to ignore it. However my problem is seeing under age females and some males, dressing like her, taking photos like her, and literally imitating everything she does down to the way she talks and the way she acts. There are girls that actually say her lyrics every hour, and for some reason they choose her most awful, nastiest parts. I first heard of Nicki a few years ago and she wasn’t this ditsy.
This is not all about Nicki Minaj. It’s just irritating that all girls want to be now is fake, plastic and famous. They don’t even want to be famous for talent they just want to be famous. There are people out there that really respect the art of acting, singing, and dream of being known for it but it seems that today we have the Kardasian sisters to look up to, that are famous for nothing, well that sex tape. WTF!! Girls are just plain materialistic now a days. They don’t have real dreams; they don’t want to work for anything. They think acting stupid is cute. And the thing I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that they all wanna look the same it’s boring and unoriginal, get a brain.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hope Everyone had a Great Holiday, its not over yet so stay safe. Anyways this was just another day for me stayed in and eat ALOT...but the family time is lovely.

So I went in my mom's closet all the way at the bottom and found the coolest clothes. they're old, they haven't been worn, thought they were cool. My Mommy is Pretty cool♥ I'm in lovee the leggings there were more but I got lazy.

I actually spent most of my day putting studs onto my pleather jacket...lol i mean i could have just bought a studded jacket but this was way more fun.

Yea so the Fro kinda went with the 70's vibe so...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or just happy friday. Enjoy your break from school or work, spend time with your love ones., and just be safe over the holidays.♥ and a very special thank you to everyone following my blog it means a lot to me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I had my hair pinned up going to bed and when i woke up this id how it looked..just getting out of bed and I was like COOL..so I Put some eye shadow and lip gloss on..i'm snowed in so I took some pics.

Sometimes Girls Really Just Wanna have Fun!!

I'm still trying to figure out why everyone acts like being single is the worst thing in the world. I mean it's really not that bad. I mean its to the point were people would rather be in a bad relationship rather than be single. throughout the last few years I've let down more than a few guys because I don't wanna be trapped in a relationship that I know isn't going to work. sometimes we are given signs at the beginning of getting to know someone, we end up ignoring them because we are afraid to be alone. Well i made a promise to myself that I won't ignore my instinct anymore. I'm not being mean or picky and yes I know no one is perfect but I feel as if there are just some signs that can not be ignored. After talking on the phone, hanging out and watching their interaction with others you begin to get a feel of this persons mind set. And this is when you start to ask yourself questions on what type of person they are, does he seem like he wants a serious relationship, is he just for fun, or just friendship. these are things that need to be known in the getting to know each other stage that we need to decide, it'll save you and the person alot of time.

Being single is not bad, its freeing. Just go out find yourself and enjoy your youth, enjoy your friends. this is the perfect time to enjoy these thing in a few years when you decide to have a family and you have a steady job we're not going to have these opportunity as often as we do not.Relationships are hard work, if you can't handle it whats wrong with having fun with your friends.






Most Girls Want a Man With The Bling-Bling.

Most Girls want a man with the bling-Bling..I'm not most girls. I mean do I really look that materialistic that dudes feel the need to tell me all the money and cars they have(I could care less ), Guys figure out the type of Women you're dealing with b4 u go up to the with the BS cause you will look STUPID.

It is 5:11 in the morning and I was just messing around looking at different blogs when I came across http://strawberryess.blogspot.com I was just reading her blogs and listening to her songs her playlist was great didn’t skip not once..Anyways Pink’s song “most girls” came on and I just started thinking. I’ve had so many men came up to me and tried to use their money, clothes, cars and other material things to get with me and I’m thinking do I really look that materialistic. I mean is this all you got? But then again on the other hand there are a lot of females that do go after material things. This is sad to me and I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard “you better talk to him he has, money or a nice car.” Okay I’m sure its nice to have someone that’s financially stabled with nice things but that’s not my point. They do this assuming that its going to make them look better and it doesn’t. How do you look bringing that up in the first conversation you have with a person?

For me I don’t look at a person for the things they have I’d rather look at the things they’re doing in their life, the goals that they have for themselves. I’m in school, I don’t have a car, and am the most broke I’ve ever been in my life. So if I don’t have all these things why should I expect a man my age to have so much when they’re only 21.

I look at older generations you know like my mom or my grandparents they met when they had nothing fell in love with nothing and build their lives off nothing together and I’m 21 years old and my parents are still together. But even if they weren’t still together my point is they weren’t based on material things.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My reasons for going natural

My Hair Story

Okay I got my first perm going into high school. My mom wanted me to wait until I graduated High School when I turn 18, but I was young and everyone had perms so I wanted one too. My hair was long and it was pretty healthy everyone complimented it. But as yeas past I really started getting bored with my hair. So going into my junior year I dyed my hair brown it was like a brick looking color. Then I cut it I can’t even tell you how many times I cut my hair. I continued dying it until it was a blonde color or really light brown. Between 2006 and now I’ve practically done everything to my hair besides going bald, which I’ve sometimes feel like doing. In 2006 for my Junior Prom I discovered Weave, Boy did I discover WEAVE. I would glue, sew do everything to my hair and on to of that I was still getting perms and dying my hair all sorts of colors. I took a break from the weave and dyed my hair black in 2008. I rocked a short hair do. Then I got back into weaves until just recently.

Weaves, Perms, Good Hair, Bad hair…

I personally don’t have a problem with weaves, or perms. However I do have a huge problem with people thinking that’s the only type of hair there is or putting it inside our heads that anything besides straight or non-African texture hair is ugly. I have a problem with 5-year-olds getting perms; It’s just not right to me. To me that’s telling a child from a young age that they’re not good enough. I feel that we’ve been trained at an early hair to think that our hair is ugly, and I don’t blame anyone for thinking it because Its everywhere it’s in our magazines, every time I change my TV channel that’s what’s considered beautiful. This good hair, bad Hair thing is just ridiculous to me because there is no such thing. There is only healthy hair. I don’t have a problem with weaves, in fact I will probably wear weave in the future. My problem is people who can’t live without weave, as soon as they take it out they have to put more back in I’ve seen girls that go to tear just because they don’t have their weave that crazy to me.

Why I’m going Natural.

I’m going for a number of reasons, the first one is because I’ve done everything I can think of to my hair and I just want to go back to my natural state. My second reason is because I’m tired of flat irons, perms and hair product in the world. I’m tired of wrapping my hair, I’m tired of wearing shower caps I love getting my hair wet when I take a shower and believe it or not this is a big part of it for me. My third reason is because I found myself hiding under weaves I was one of those girls who wore weave all the time I was this way for about a year. It’s not that I hated my hair it I just thought it looked better with weaves because I became so use to always wearing it. My forth reason is because being natural is very freeing to me and it takes a very strong person to do. Not everyone is strong enough to go natural because you have to put up with a lot of shit. I’ve only been doing it for 6 month and I’m just in my transition and already I’m getting shit about my hair , sometimes I get pissed but you just have to just laugh it off. You grow a lot from it it’s a very emotional experience. My fifth reason is because it’s teaching me a lot of things about myself. It’s teaching me how to love myself all of me without any enhancement, and the greatest feeling is the one I get when I get out the shower with my hair wet and pulled back. Just looking at myself, no make-up, just pure me and I accept and love myself. It also attracts a different type of people, there’s a huge difference in meeting someone with fake hair, fake nails, a face full o make up and when they see you without all that it’s not the same as just meeting someone and knowing that they like you for the person that’s standing there and nothing is going to change later on in your relationship. It’s beautiful to me. MY sixth and final reason is for my future daughter. The daughter that I hope to have one day. Not any time soon. So right now I consider myself leading by example. I want her to grow up loving herself and accepting herself for who she is. I’m not going to stop or judge her for deciding to do whatever pleases her at an appropriate age, but I she will love herself. And I’m doing this all for her.

Finally..I recommend going natural to everyone its a very great experience which I'm still going through, and its worth it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009



Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sooo it's about that time where everyone is freaking out about finals last night i satyed up until 6am I only spent two hours on home work thou...lol idk beside the the fact that I might fail math this semester wasn't hard for me.I am very proud of myself for completing my first semester of college. Back to the math I'm illiterate when it comes to math seriously that shit is like Japanese to me I hear the teacher and I sit in the front of the class but I still don't get it pass or fail its just another thing that i'm going to have to work on there's no need having a heart attack over it thou that's life.I don't understand the need to teach us a whole bunch of shit we're never gonna use in real life I mean I promise i'm not going to use 80% of the shit I learn in math. Thats why its so hard for so many people we don't use the shit the only time in life I ever see those things is in math class.


@ around 6am

aww this made made my day

Omg I really love your blog I'm on it every day and I just think its a breath of fresh air. I can relate to everything you write about I feel like you are reading my mind...lol but seriously just keep the blogs coming because its really inspiring. P.S your cool don’t change. ♥ Ashley

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Generation Lost

Skulls and crossbones and death bandanas
A liqueur store in every corner in Atlanta
Cops riding round tossing niggas in the slammer
Tell me what’s wrong i could really use some answers
Nowadays everybody wants to be a rapper
About 2 years ago everybody was a trapper
Obviously money is what everybody’s after
Cos slavery aint changed it’s a modern day disaster
Now these are my words from me to you
Everything you do from your shades to your shoes
From your chains to your coupe came from the two
Trust me i would know i was raised on the two
Ok, now let me just get your attention
Imma turn the tables so you don’t get defensive
Imma put my bullshit aside for a second
Cos i cant be fake, cos God wont let me
I used to wear a grill because it was the trend
Not because i liked it, i just wanted to fit in
Then i got Eastside tatted on my skin
And i tried to get dreads but my hair was too big
But i was lost, i ain’t know who i was
What else was there to do besides look like a thug
So in my senior year at Columbia High
I dropped out of High School when i got signed
B.o.B was the name, i ain’t like Bobby Ray cos i was ashamed
But you can call me Bobby Ray from this day forth and
I could give a damn about the fame and fortune
Honestly i don’t even listen to rap
Cos when i turn the radio on, out comes crap
And if you make good music thats ok, but
On the radio that they don’t play
Its easy to see we created a beast
Cos everybody wants to hear what they don’t need
And now all the rappers got a stoller to give you
That bullshit music so they can continue to live
The position that i’m in is quite an interesting predicament i will admit
But you can count on me cos i’m refusing to give in
Cos imma give you music cos we need it to exist, bitch
So imma play my guitar, rap about aliens and sing about stars
Til you understand that’s what we are
So we aint got to struggle no more so we don’t starve
I swear to God i love you with every bar
We all got problems that need to be solved
So while i got the mic imma speak my thoughts
And imma keep it real til the day i fall

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everything happens for a reason

You know when you're going through some shit, and just when you think its gonna get better it just ends up getting worst. And then just when you think thats when it's gonna finally end shit gets even worst. Well that's what my life has been like lately. And although I would like to mope around, cry and complain about it I can't find it in myself to do so because as bad as things maybe right now for me it's not really that bad. Its the worst for me only because its something that I'm not use to.I really can't be angry and as sad as I want to be because i have a great family, I have good friends, my health is good, i'm in school, and so many people would like to be where I am. Shit now that I'm sitting here thinking about it my generation is soft including me, there are only few of us that really knows what working hard is. As bad as things may be just remember there are always people that are going through worst. The saying "everything happens for a reason" is no joke i'm living proof of that. everything is life works off each other its happing for a reason from waking up everyday at the same time then one day you wake up an hour late, that one day means something. If you didn't get into the school you wanted to it was for a reason. If you didn't get the guy or girl you like Trust me its for a reason. And try not to judge people, or ever think you know whats going on in their lives just by looking at them because 99.9% of the time you're wrong. I don't care if they're the happiest, or meanest person that can be their cover.

pursuit of happiness

I honestly stayed in all day yeaterday into today and listened to this man. I don't go crazy over celebs except Bob Marley But I have to meet this guy.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth ep1 2/4
Uploaded by NzingahMorena. - College experience videos.

Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth ep1 3/4
Uploaded by NzingahMorena. - Discover more college videos.

"As a part of her new look she dyed her hair blonde" REALLYYY
This woman in the video would rather risk dying and leaving her children just to get "Victoria Beckham's breast." That's so sad. Now i've never had her boobs i'm only a b cup and i can not come close to relating, but she didn't say anything about pain relating problems like back pains and such she said it plain she's going for Victorias look. Seriously what is this world coming to? How boring would our world be if we all looked and act alike. Skinny with longs straight hair is not the only form of beauty I know we're surrounded by images telling us it is but its really not. The world is diverse and filled with different forms of beauty. We were all made the way we are for a reason and it wasn't forign objects in our bodies just to live up to what we consider beautiful. If you are going to do something to your body do it for you because you want to and you think its cool don't do it to impress anyone.

The soundtrack of my life

It basically speaks for it self

Kid Cudi
Man On The Moon
I never gave a fuck
I never a fuck about what niggas thought about me
I mean I did but like fuck it yummzsayin
You gon' love me man
You gon' love me man

They can't comprehend
They even come close to understanding him
I guess if I was borin they would love me more
Guess if I was simple in the mind
Everything would be fine
Maybe if I was jerk to girls
Instead of being nice and speakin kind words
Then maybe it would be ok to say then
I wasn't a good guy to begin with

But my mind is all crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy...
They got me thinkin I aint human,
Like I came in from above, above, above, above...
Feelin like a airplane in the sky
But then they say I'm crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy...
They got me thinkin I aint human,
Like I came in from above, above, above, above...
Feelin like a bird sittin high high

I be that man on the moon
I'm that man on the moon
And imma do what I do so
Do you hey hey
I be posted with my blunt and a brew my dude
I'm that man on the moon
I'm up up on the moon

Close my eyes, hide in the dark
It's a curtain call, come one come all
All I do is try to make it simple
The ones that make it complicated
Never get congradulated
I'm somethin different in all aspects
Don't want a woman just to love her assets
I Still wife her up even with her flat chest
The type to get hurt
But that's the past tense

My mind is all hazy, hazy, hazy, hazy...
I be thinkin that I'm wrong,
Cuz they used to call me lame, lame, lame, lame...
My swag was a little different
But then my mind is hazy, hazy, hazy, hazy...
I be thinkin that I'm wrong,
But they the ones who lame, lame, lame, lame...
I got the last laugh nigga

I be that man on the moon
I'm that man on the moon
And imma do what I do so
Do you hey hey
I be posted with my blunt and a brew my dude
I'm that man on the moon
I'm up up on the moon