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Friday, December 18, 2009

My reasons for going natural

My Hair Story

Okay I got my first perm going into high school. My mom wanted me to wait until I graduated High School when I turn 18, but I was young and everyone had perms so I wanted one too. My hair was long and it was pretty healthy everyone complimented it. But as yeas past I really started getting bored with my hair. So going into my junior year I dyed my hair brown it was like a brick looking color. Then I cut it I can’t even tell you how many times I cut my hair. I continued dying it until it was a blonde color or really light brown. Between 2006 and now I’ve practically done everything to my hair besides going bald, which I’ve sometimes feel like doing. In 2006 for my Junior Prom I discovered Weave, Boy did I discover WEAVE. I would glue, sew do everything to my hair and on to of that I was still getting perms and dying my hair all sorts of colors. I took a break from the weave and dyed my hair black in 2008. I rocked a short hair do. Then I got back into weaves until just recently.

Weaves, Perms, Good Hair, Bad hair…

I personally don’t have a problem with weaves, or perms. However I do have a huge problem with people thinking that’s the only type of hair there is or putting it inside our heads that anything besides straight or non-African texture hair is ugly. I have a problem with 5-year-olds getting perms; It’s just not right to me. To me that’s telling a child from a young age that they’re not good enough. I feel that we’ve been trained at an early hair to think that our hair is ugly, and I don’t blame anyone for thinking it because Its everywhere it’s in our magazines, every time I change my TV channel that’s what’s considered beautiful. This good hair, bad Hair thing is just ridiculous to me because there is no such thing. There is only healthy hair. I don’t have a problem with weaves, in fact I will probably wear weave in the future. My problem is people who can’t live without weave, as soon as they take it out they have to put more back in I’ve seen girls that go to tear just because they don’t have their weave that crazy to me.

Why I’m going Natural.

I’m going for a number of reasons, the first one is because I’ve done everything I can think of to my hair and I just want to go back to my natural state. My second reason is because I’m tired of flat irons, perms and hair product in the world. I’m tired of wrapping my hair, I’m tired of wearing shower caps I love getting my hair wet when I take a shower and believe it or not this is a big part of it for me. My third reason is because I found myself hiding under weaves I was one of those girls who wore weave all the time I was this way for about a year. It’s not that I hated my hair it I just thought it looked better with weaves because I became so use to always wearing it. My forth reason is because being natural is very freeing to me and it takes a very strong person to do. Not everyone is strong enough to go natural because you have to put up with a lot of shit. I’ve only been doing it for 6 month and I’m just in my transition and already I’m getting shit about my hair , sometimes I get pissed but you just have to just laugh it off. You grow a lot from it it’s a very emotional experience. My fifth reason is because it’s teaching me a lot of things about myself. It’s teaching me how to love myself all of me without any enhancement, and the greatest feeling is the one I get when I get out the shower with my hair wet and pulled back. Just looking at myself, no make-up, just pure me and I accept and love myself. It also attracts a different type of people, there’s a huge difference in meeting someone with fake hair, fake nails, a face full o make up and when they see you without all that it’s not the same as just meeting someone and knowing that they like you for the person that’s standing there and nothing is going to change later on in your relationship. It’s beautiful to me. MY sixth and final reason is for my future daughter. The daughter that I hope to have one day. Not any time soon. So right now I consider myself leading by example. I want her to grow up loving herself and accepting herself for who she is. I’m not going to stop or judge her for deciding to do whatever pleases her at an appropriate age, but I she will love herself. And I’m doing this all for her.

Finally..I recommend going natural to everyone its a very great experience which I'm still going through, and its worth it.

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  1. I totally agree,,, = ) its always good to try something new = )