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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sooo it's about that time where everyone is freaking out about finals last night i satyed up until 6am I only spent two hours on home work thou...lol idk beside the the fact that I might fail math this semester wasn't hard for me.I am very proud of myself for completing my first semester of college. Back to the math I'm illiterate when it comes to math seriously that shit is like Japanese to me I hear the teacher and I sit in the front of the class but I still don't get it pass or fail its just another thing that i'm going to have to work on there's no need having a heart attack over it thou that's life.I don't understand the need to teach us a whole bunch of shit we're never gonna use in real life I mean I promise i'm not going to use 80% of the shit I learn in math. Thats why its so hard for so many people we don't use the shit the only time in life I ever see those things is in math class.


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