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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Most Girls Want a Man With The Bling-Bling.

Most Girls want a man with the bling-Bling..I'm not most girls. I mean do I really look that materialistic that dudes feel the need to tell me all the money and cars they have(I could care less ), Guys figure out the type of Women you're dealing with b4 u go up to the with the BS cause you will look STUPID.

It is 5:11 in the morning and I was just messing around looking at different blogs when I came across http://strawberryess.blogspot.com I was just reading her blogs and listening to her songs her playlist was great didn’t skip not once..Anyways Pink’s song “most girls” came on and I just started thinking. I’ve had so many men came up to me and tried to use their money, clothes, cars and other material things to get with me and I’m thinking do I really look that materialistic. I mean is this all you got? But then again on the other hand there are a lot of females that do go after material things. This is sad to me and I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard “you better talk to him he has, money or a nice car.” Okay I’m sure its nice to have someone that’s financially stabled with nice things but that’s not my point. They do this assuming that its going to make them look better and it doesn’t. How do you look bringing that up in the first conversation you have with a person?

For me I don’t look at a person for the things they have I’d rather look at the things they’re doing in their life, the goals that they have for themselves. I’m in school, I don’t have a car, and am the most broke I’ve ever been in my life. So if I don’t have all these things why should I expect a man my age to have so much when they’re only 21.

I look at older generations you know like my mom or my grandparents they met when they had nothing fell in love with nothing and build their lives off nothing together and I’m 21 years old and my parents are still together. But even if they weren’t still together my point is they weren’t based on material things.

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