I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it. I'm on my journey to finding myself self in a world where it's very easy to get lost.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Im not a sneaker wearing kinda girl in fact I only own two sneaker this one in the pic and one that i've had for almost a year and still haven't worn it. Anyways bought this jacket last week I love it it only cost $17 at forever 21. I don't buy expensive clothes I really don't I feel bad doing so. I really don't care at all about labels if I see something I like I will get it. The most expensive things I buy are jeans which I don't have much of because i REALLY DON'T LIKE THEM BUT I buy pants not jeans though I don't know the material, from Hot Topic because I love their pants. and their pants cost $40 but are worth it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Twins

It was two of my bestfriend's Birthday well its today but their surprise party was yesterday in Brooklyn. I love these two girls Been friends with them since junior high. Most of my friends I have i've known since high school and before that, not very trusting to new people. Its kinda made me lazy because I feel that i've already found great lifetime freinds that I don't even make the effort to meet new ones.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Neon Pink

So you know how in college most girls gravitate to their college sweats well I do so with my leggings I really hate jean... I'm trying to its really an addiction

My 3 babies

This was My fist tattoo, its also the biggest tattoo I have and the only one with color. Its two butterflies with faces on them kissing i thought it was cool.Got it like a week after my 19th Bithday, it lasted about a hour and 20min the tattoo artists made a bet against me because they thought I was gonna cry..I didn't...lol

this is my second one, it took literally about 5 min it stung a little and bleed a bit but nothing bad. Its my zodiac sign just fliped and done a little..a lot different.

this is my third one a dragon Dragons are cool, Powerful, Brave, and its also my Chinese year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Their Eyes Were Watching God = ♥

This is my favorite movie. Its seriously the only movie I can and have watched over and over again and it doesn't get old.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


My People

The night is beautiful,
So the faces of my people.

The stars are beautiful,
So the eyes of my people.

Beautiful, also, is the sun.
Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people

by Langston Hughes

So Last night I stayed up until almost 5:30 am because I just couldn't go to sleep just like right now seeing as it is 6:11 am and i still haven't slept. so yea I then woke up at 8:30 so I jumped out of bed with my hair looking just as it did when I fell asleep I threw on some clothes and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and splash my face with some cold water. I headed back to my room and look in the mirror and saw that one of my earrings were gone.OMG i never go out without my stud earrings. I sleep in it its just always there. So finally I just took the other one out which was very hard for me. I also usually put eye-liner and mascara on. But I didn't do that I didn't even comb my hair.

Yea I know that's major. after walking from my second class I really thought about what was going on so I went to the bathroom and took a picture of this historic moment in my life.

So I just felt inspired today and I thought about other things like how I never wear my hair back. Its really because I'm super shy and I get a lot of comfort hiding behind my hair, but I think it also has to do with the fact that I was told for a long time that I had a big forehead ever since I can remember..

I don't i've been through most of the things that the average college freshmen are now going through because I'm 21 and I took two years out of school. But as corny as it may sound I'm spending a lot more time with myself, improving , myself...finally finding myself and I'm happy. I am so Happy. Usually when I walk outside cheesing to myself there's a guy involved and there is no guy and I cheese while walking.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ever since I was a little girl all i use to see on television was stupid ass shows telling children to Just be themselves and everyone else will accept them for being just that. So why is it that everywhere I go all I see is clones and the few people that I see that are truly making an effort to be themselves are getting knocked for it. It took me twenty one years to be the person that I am today, and I am still a work in progress. I'm at the point in my life where I've made a lot of mistakes but I learned from them. I've spent way too much time caring and following others, I'm at a good point in my life where I honestly...Well I'm not gonna say I don't care what people think of me but I am gonna saw despite what people think of me I'm gonna do what I want anyway. when are people gonna the only person you're hurting in the long run when youre pretending to be someone that you're not is yourself. I wish I would have had this mentality years ago but I'm very happy I found it. Yes i like taking showers at 3am, yes I stare at clouds because i find them fascinating, yes I wash my hair almost everyday, yes I like watching the twilight zone and shits about aliens maybe I'm just curious. I can spend hous by myself and not get bored. i'd rather listen to Billie Holiday, Erykah Badu and Bob Marley rather than, Gucci mane, nicki minaj and drake. It's not a fucking crime it's just me. i can't go a week without being called a weirdo but the funny thing is that no one can explain to me why I'm so weird. everyone is weird or does things out of the norm but only few admit it. Whats so cool about being normal anyway, I feel bad for "normal" because they are too insecure to think for themselves.

Brandon Hines

I saw this guy perform in 07 at Howard homecoming and he's extremly talented..so i was on twitter complaining about my essays instead of actually doing it and I used the word "overdose" and then I thought about him because the song he performed was called "overdose"..OMG he's soo good so now i'm catching up with him on you tube I mean through his videos I don't know him. then while doing this I got Mad. The reason I got mad is there is soo much bullshit out there on the Radio and here we have someone with real talent Why isn't he on the Radio?UGHHHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Favorite things

1.My fav. Bag it only cost me $8, I’ve had it for 5 months.
2.I love V-necks the men ones Hanes the best
3.My Black leggings..I can wear leggings every day I hate jeans.
4.My camera..for where ever I go
5.My boots I wear them a lot, I need to take a break from them..its hard thou
6.Cover Girl lashblast
7.My celly of course where without it I am disconnected from the world.
8.Maybelline natural color shadow palette
9.Black eye-liner marker by wet n wild
10.This is natural Shea butter this is like my foundation I don’t wear makeup away from eye shadows and lipstick. Its by Afrika.
11.These are just soft rods I use for my curls real easy and I can sleep in them.
12.Hair mousse which is really important for me now in my transition in going natural, it helps my relaxed hair blends with the natural.
13.Pink lipstick and lip gloss, lip gloss by Bobbi Brown..its real good.
14.These are jelly bracelets I honestly just got tired of losing bracelets I buy and just bought this that just stays on my hand.
15.Vaseline what can I say, I use it for my whole body after I take showers at night and just go to bed..mmmm
16.Yea I just love Johnson’s baby lotion
17.Hair polisher thats it
18.Hair pins…to hold my hair up duhh
19.I just love coke I was off soda for a while now I just drink coke.
20.Orange is my favorite color I love it on my nails.
21.HP laptop
22.Ughh these are my fav. Heels I wish I had gotten them in black because these do not go with a lot of my outfits.
Ferrero Rocher..my fav chocolate I hate a pack of 16, all of it at once.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Boonaa Mohammed

The video speaks for itself...MMMM I LOVEEEE it.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Went to new YORK lAST NIGHT HAD a Blast, I only too one pic..suck...but i will be back most likely for new years..OMG I must live there for atleast a year of my life.Its amazing.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rihanna smiles...lol

Been a fan of rihanna since her first album and i've never seen this side of her I think its cool.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Penis and Vagina

Gender, Sex and Compulsory Heterosexuality Hierarchies

An expecting mother is on her way to visit the doctor where she will find out her child’s sex. She will finally know whether her child will have a penis or a vagina. The fact that in just a few moments she will know for sure if this youngster will have eggs or sperms. This excites her because this will help her a great deal in planning a baby shower. The gender will assist her in deciding whether to have pink or blue decorations. This piece of information is the key that will let the guest know whether to buy dresses or pants. Of course this baby will be heterosexual, anything other than that hasn’t even crossed her mind. We live in a compulsory heterosexual society where anything that goes beyond attraction of the opposite sex is taboo or away from the “norms” and that is always a problem. The idea that society associate heterosexual as natural was introduced by Adrienne Rich in 1980. The “norm” is a big part of our society and anything that exceeds that is always question. South African runner Caster Semenya won the 800-meter in 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin, and she had to take a medical sex test. We grew up on fairytales in a heterosexual world, be careful not to ever think of changing our perfect family structure of a man and a woman because that would ruin everything. This soon to be mother better hope that her child comes out normal.
As children we are generally taught early on depending on individuals parenting styles about the difference in anatomy between girls and boys. As they move on to middle school children get further informed on the internal difference between a male and a female which are the reproductive organs. South African runner Caster Semenya was indeed born a female but just because she appeared masculine in appearance and did not fit the ideal image of a female her sex was questioned. Not only questioned after she effortlessly won the 800-meter race in the Berlin Championship, she had to take a medical sex test. I remember at the end of my senior year of high school my gym class had to take a fitness test. I was the only girl in the class that kept up and eventually did better than the boys in my class and it became a big surprise to everyone just because I am a female. In that very same class I noticed that some of the other girls could have done way better than they actually did, but they act as if they were ashamed to show any type of strength because they are girls.
It’s nothing new that when it comes to the two genders male and female, society has its own view of what is acceptable or normal behavior for each gender. Females should behave feminine while men are seen as masculine. There are certain traits that go along with each gender and if someone were to posses or show any sign that belongs to the opposing gender then they are out of the “norm.” Growing up we’re taught that girls are just these delicate flowers, and we can’t do anything but cook and take care of children. That’s why our mothers keep us in the house and to do chores like cooking and cleaning while the boy goes and play sports. As long as I can remember I have never been interested in cooking, my mother is still trying to teach me to cook at the age of 21. And she never fails to ask me “How are you ever going to keep a husband when you don’t cook or clean?” and I always reply “My husband is going to cook for me.” I’m sure that she means that in the best way possible but it just shows how women are and have been perceived for generations.
In 1980 Adrienne Rich introduced “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence” where she explores society’s assumption that everyone is heterosexual. Heterosexuality is forced upon women because it is put in every little girl’s head that they’re suppose to get married to a man and have children in order to build an acceptable family structure. Women are looked as less important by men we’re constantly degraded in the media in ad in magazines and when we think of famous women in society sex comes to mind. There’s a billion dollar porn industry that does nothing but show that men are dominant and women are just good for pleasure.
Most girls grew up watching or at least hearing about fairytales that tells us that one day we’re going to be swept off our feet by a man and live happily ever after. Nowhere in these fairytales do I ever hear of Cinderella meeting Snow White, falling in love and living happily ever after. If any little boy were to have visions Prince Charming instead of Cinderella, he will no longer be considered a part of society’s “norms” and therefore he must be sick.
It’s in our magazines it’s on our televisions these stereotypes and labels that we have that’s separating males from females and separating us as people. Even before the nine months are up in a pregnancy labels are already being placed on us depending on what sex we are. Later in our own house we are taught what being a lady is and the traits that comes with each gender. Divorce ratings are going up and more and more people are complaining about being single. But how can we find a person to live happily ever after with when we’re so limited and concerned with label.

P.S this is a paper I wrote for my inquiry got a A on it:)

2:30 in the morning

It's really rainy outside..I Love it. it's 2:30 in the morning, its quite the only thing I hear is the rain outside. there's something I find calming about it.I love being the only one up.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Limitless Love

Got some sleep today, which I've been lacking these past couple of days. which is ironic cause i'm up at 12:50 with a 4 page essay due tomorrow at 12:25.. but umm thats just me ughh.

I saw this this video the other day and its I Lovee it!!! I wish she would make more.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009