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Monday, November 9, 2009

Big hair do't care

I really do not understand why everyone feels the need to place their opinion on every aspect of a person’s life. Why can’t we all just mind our business? I guess judging others makes our lives feel just a little bit better but at the end of the day it does absolutely nothing. So I’ve been wearing my natural hair for about two weeks now and I can’t tell you how many looks and questions I’ve gotten about it and why I’m doing it. I guess now a day’s long store bought hair is so much of a norm if you’re seen with your real hair it’s so out that people have to pay attention to it. Pretty sad, but true. If this was two years ago I would have went to the hair store, bought a perm and relaxed my hair. The ironic thing is that I actually really love my hair the way it is now and I feel proud wearing it. I wish never pressured my mom to give me a perm, since I can’t rewind time I just have to change myself and the way I think. I have people telling me to perm my hair or flat iron it. NO!!! I don’t want to it’s my hair. I’m 21 years old I done. I dress how I want to; wear what I want to do whatever I feel I’m sick of people always putting in their 2 cents on shit that I do. If I want to run outside naked at 3 in the morning I should be able to do that too but I think that’s illegal...Some free country. I really want to understand why people think it’s okay to just say unnecessary things to people. Honestly I am at a very great place in my life with my appearance, and alot of people might not know but it took a while to get there. I don't need people commenting on my weight or anything else about the way I look I just don't. and its not that i'm not confident in myself I just feel like its none of anyone's business to comment on anything. you never know whats going through a persons head and someone commenting on how a person look on a wrong day can lead to serious things..ughhh no wonder we are all so fucked up.This was very therapeutic I need to write more often.

P.S I’m not getting a perm so everyone should just get use to the hair.

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